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1. Community: At MACS ROCK!, we try our best to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for members of any age, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Do not engage in personal bickering or flaming; remember to treat all posters how you would want to be treated. Lewd or offensive posts, signatures, or avatars are not permitted. 
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3. Illegal Activity: We choose to follow United States law in regard to what is permissible to be discussed here. Therefore discussion of illegal file sharing, cracked programs, requests for serial numbers, and any other breaches of copyright or other illegal activity are not allowed in these forums.
This also includes discussion of breaking the terms of software or hardware EULAs.
4. Spam: No Soliciting / Adverstising / Spamming. Use the Buy, Sell, or Trade forum for all private sales. If you want to post a forum or site that is a mac forum please contact the admin for permission. Posters may post their sites on the board as long as it is not spam related. We at MACS ROCK! encourage mac website owners to link to us and make our mac world bigger and better. All we ask in return is the same courtesy of posting a link to our forum on your mac site.
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