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PostSubject: QUAKE 4- CHEATS , TRICKS!!!   QUAKE 4- CHEATS , TRICKS!!! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 8:15 pm

Alright there is a huge rumor that has been going around about how there are no cheats for the mac version of this game (And yes I am a die hard Quaker!).Well good news Friends!There are cheats and they come by the boat load!
The same cheats that work on the windobellows system works for the Apple Machines!
While playing, press CTRL + ALT + ~ to drop the console (or just tilde) and enter the codes as you like:

god ... Invulnerability
undying ... Player stops taking wounds at 1 health
noclip ... Clipping toggle
give all ... Stocks all weapons and items
give armor ... Stocks body armor
give health ... Stocks life/health
give ammo ... Stocks ammunition
Spawn ... Spawn command used in conjunction with a target

* Spawn weaponmod_hyperblaster_bounce2
* Spawn weaponmod_lightinggun_chain
* Spawn weaponmod_machinegun_ammo
* Spawn weaponmod_nailgun_power
* Spawn weaponmod_nailgun_seek
* Spawn weaponmod_nailgun_rof
* Spawn weaponmod_nailgun_ammo
* Spawn weaponmod_railgun_penetrate
* Spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_burst
* Spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_homing
* Spawn weaponmod_shotgun_ammo

listcmd ... List all documented commands
listcvar ... Dsiplay all cvars
listentities ... Display all Q4 entities
listmonsters ... Display all Q4 monsters/enemies
Cheat: Level - Skip Commands

* airdefense1: Air Defense Base (beginning of game)
* airdefense2: Air Defense Trenches
* convoy2: Aqueducts
* convoy2b: Aqueducts Annex
* convoy1: Canyon
* walker: Construction Zone
* network2: Data Networking Security
* network1: Data Networking Terminal
* process2: Data Processing Security
* storage2: Data Storage Security
* dispersal: Dispersal Facility
* process1: game/process1
* storage1: game/storage1
* hangar1: Hangar Perimeter
* hangar2: Interior Hangar
* mcc_landing: MCC Landing Site
* core1: Nexus Core
* hub2: Nexus Hub
* hub1: Nexus Hub Tunnels
* mcc_1 Operation: Advantage
* mcc_2 Operation: Last Hope
* building_b: Perimeter Defense Station
* putra: Putrification Center
* recomp: Recomposition Center
* medlabs: Strogg Medical Facilities
* core2: The Nexus
* tram1: Tram Hub Station
* tram1b: Tram Rail
* waste Waste: Processing Facility

Cheat: Speed

To alter your character’s speed to any variable you desire, bring down the console where you can type in commands and type in “Pm_speed #” where # = the speed you want for your character. Be sure there’s an underscore between Pm and speed and a space between speed and the number, or the cheat won’t work.

Skip Movies
Add +disconnect to the shortcut's command line. This may be used in conjunction with the dev-console activator.

Need more cheats?
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